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Totesport promo code

We start our look at Totesport with an explanation of the current sign up offer. Later on we’ll review Totesport and fill you in with a few more details about who they are and what they offer, it’s worth reading to the end as there are a few interesting things you might learn along the way!

The current Totesport promotion is a sign up offer for new customers. You might note that it says “mobile only” on the banner above – at the moment the offer is only available to those of you signing up via a mobile phone. If you’re on your computer, please switch to mobile and come back to this page! So what is the sign up offer? [totesport-offer]! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but do remember to note the associated important terms before joining, they are summarised just above.

What is the Tote?

…and who are Totesport?

The “Tote” is a very familiar brand, synonymous with gambling it has been part of the British sporting vocabulary for many a year. This is no surprise for a company that has been around for the best part of a century, and that is a fixture at the vast majority of dog and horse racing tracks across the country. Originally known as the rather wordy “Horserace Totalisator Board” it was actually owned from its inception in 1928 by the British government until as recently as 2011 when it sold into private ownership.

The original idea behind the Tote was to legalise and control a largely illegal trade in off-course bookmaking. It would provide a safe place for punters to legitimately wager their money, whilst ensuring that some of the profits were actually put back into the sport of racing.

Totesport kiosk at a horse racing track

The original idea behind the Tote was based on the concept of “parimutuel betting,” which is a betting system where all the bets for a particular race are pooled together to make up a total prize pool. The government could then deduct it’s taxes from the total, while the operator removed the “house take” leaving the rest to be paid back out to successful punters.

This money would then be divided up depending on the total number of bets placed on each selection. Referred to as a dividend, the payout is quoted to a single unit, which essentially gives odds on each selection. The very nature of this system is the understanding that the more people who have bet on a selection, the more likely it must be to win. Hence the selection with the most bets on it is essentially the favourite, and will return the smallest dividend should it win. Obversely, the selection with the least bets on it is the outsider, and would return the largest dividend should it win. In the early years, punters wouldn’t know the final dividend until after the race when all the numbers had been manually crunched. At a race track today, the pool size and number of bets is calculated in real-time and the dividend (and hence implied odds) are displayed before a race starts.

Totesport in 2024

Today, Totesport owns and runs the Tote and all the associated betting pools. The number and type of different pools has vastly increased from the early days, but the underlying concept is exactly the same as it always was. It remains a popular form of betting and is accessible both online or at the track to this day. In fact, due to the popularity (and despite the license for pool betting) there are facilities for other bookmakers to syndicate the services and pay into the actual Tote betting pools. The bookies that don’t do this still tend to offer pool betting simply by matching the dividends after each race. Today, in the Internet connected era, if you place a bet at the Tote kiosk at a race track, this will be entered into the same pool as you would be in placing a bet online through their website.

The pool betting with Tote is the background and remains their speciality, but its now just one of the services you’ll find at Totesport. Today they operate a normal online bookie portal, with all the fixed odds betting, games and casino this entails in 2024. You’ll find everything you’d expect from a modern day sportsbook. Have a look today and we think you’ll be pleased with what they offer – but do remember to grab the latest promotion before you start!

How do you use the Totesport promo code?

To claim this promotion you can click on either of the images at the top of this review, or simply click here to open the offer page directly.. Once you’ve done so, you’ll see it sends you straight to the registration page so you can get started nice and quickly. It’s a standard form and you’ll need to put in all the usual details such as name, address, username and date of birth to set up your new account.

Once you’ve done that, you can take advantage of the current promotion. As we discussed above, this is a nice offer that allows you to check out the main products on offer when betting at Totesport. Ensure you use it for both the sportsbook and the pool betting to get a real idea what they are about.

Conditions of this promotion

Remember to confirm the latest terms and conditions at Totesport before you proceed. These offers do change from time to time, but clicking through to the offer via the banner above should allow you to confirm. The critical terms are posted higher up the page, but it remains your responsibility to confirm the current definitive terms on the Totesport website before availing of this offer.

Good luck with your betting at Totesport