Betdaq £25 Promo Code

Betdaq promo code

Promotion summary – March 2018

BookmakerPromotion typePromotion valuePromotion Code
BetdaqNew account free bets£25FB2515
BetdaqReduced commission2% for new members using this promo codeFB2515

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Betdaq Promotion Code

Stop press! Betdaq and Betting Promotion Codes have got together to offer this superb sign up promo worth £25!

You are probably well aware that Betdaq is a betting exchange, rather than a traditional bookmaker. Using a betting exchange opens up a whole new side of betting, particularly because you can be the person who sets the odds for others. Yes, that’s right, on a betting exchange, you can be the bookie!

Using a betting exchange also opens up additional possibilities. Such as:

Requesting better odds than are currently available. If someone decides to match it you’ve got a bet at higher odds.

Closing a position at any time. Maybe you’ve placed a bet on the football only to then find that the star striker has been injured in the warm up? You can go back to the betting exchange and “lay off” the bet.

No limits on bet size. From time to time a bookmaker may have to restrict the size of a bet, this doesn’t apply on the betting exchanges, where the only governing factor is the liquidity of the market and how much the layers are prepared to put up.

If you fancy having a try with a betting exchange, now is a great time thanks to the current Betdaq promo code. This Betdaq promotion has two distinct benefits:

1. Betdaq free bet worth £25
2. 2% commission for new members, plus a pledge from Betdaq for ongoing low commission rates.

These two offers are just part of the latest Betdaq manifesto, where they have made a number of pledges for the benefit of their customers. Click the banner to see the rest.

How do I qualify for this promo code?

Easy! Click on the Betdaq banner or the green “Claim >>” button. This will take you directly to the Betdaq manifesto promotion page, where all the details of this promo will be confirmed. On this page press the button at the top right where it says “JOIN NOW”


It is necessary for the correct Betdaq promotion code to be entered on the registration page. The good news is that by using the banner below this should be done automatically for you! However, on occasion it does not track automatically, so please ensure that the promo code has been correctly entered, it should read:


Confirm that this is in place, fill in the rest of the registration details and you will soon be up and running with this fantastic offer from Betdaq!

The Betdaq manifesto – join the revolution.

We wish you the best of luck with your betting at Betdaq!